Frequently Asked Questions

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All questions are categorized so you can jump right to payment, servers, and apps.


  1. Will there be a yearly plan?
    Yes, eventually :) At this point, we can’t promise a timeframe.

  2. Do you save my credit card or PayPal data?
    No! Your sensitive payment information doesn’t touch our server at all. We’re using Braintree as our payment gateway and use on-time-tokens to process your payment.

  3. Can I cancel my subscription at any time?
    Yes, definitely. We would be a pretty shoddy platform if we bound you longer than told. The cancel option is always available in your profile, it only takes a few seconds to opt-out. Promise!

  4. Can I pause my study?
    Of course! You can cancel your subscription at any time and resume whenever you want.


  1. Can I manage existing servers (at DigitalOcean) with Launch?
    Not yet. At this point, you can’t add an existing server to Launch.

  2. Do you plan to support other infrastructure providers?
    Yes, absolutely. The current version only supports DigitalOcean and we’ll add integrations to other providers as we go.

  3. What happens to my servers when I cancel my subscription?
    We’ll keep them in our database, but won’t touch them. You can upload your SSH key and manually configure them.

  4. Will I be able to access my servers within Launch with a cancelled subscription?
    Well, you can manage your servers with Launch while your subscription is ending (not expired yet). If your subscription is expired, you can’t manage your servers with Launch anymore.

  5. Which databases do you support/install during provisioning?
    We’re currently supporting MySQL and RethinkDB. More databases in the making :)

  6. Will you support other databases, like MongoDB, Redis, PostgreSQL?
    Absolutely! Support for MongoDB, Redis and PostgreSQL are on the roadmap for the next feature set.

  7. Do you plan to support other git providers?
    Yes, definitely. For now we think there are more important tasks to check off first. Then we’ll add support for other git providers, like GitLab or Bitbucket or your self-hosted git.


  1. Can I point a domain to my deployed app?
    Hell, yeah :) Point your DNS A record to the server’s IP address and your app is accessible via domain. Launch configures nginx to listen for your app’s domain, with and without www.

  2. Can I deploy multiple apps to the same server?
    Yes, sure! Create multiple applications and connect your desired repositories to these apps.