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Launch — Manageable Node.js Servers for Developers

All the hype around DevOps and „easy to create“ servers comes with additional workload for us developers.

Usually we don’t have the time to thoroughly prepare our optimal infrastructure setup. A Vagrant box providing databases and running the app locally is a common setup.

Getting a server somewhere on the internet is simple these days. Using platforms like DigitalOcean, AWS, or Linode makes it convenient to get your production system.

But then you have to provision it manually. Starting with the operating system updates followed by installations of tools like Node.js, git, nginx, a process manager, all required databases, and so on.

After an hour of waiting for the install process to finish, you can finally start the actual configuration. Yeah!

What is Launch?

Launch is a Heroku-like platform for Node.js apps.

It’s a “wrapper” around DigitalOcean and GitHub.

You as a developer should have the weapons to bring your idea online with fun. Launch builds on top of DigitalOcean and GitHub (more to come). It integrates both services to configure your server and clone the repositories with automation.

Launch + DigitalOcean + GitHub = 🚀

As already said, launch builds on top of DigitalOcean and GitHub.

With DigitalOcean you can create a virtual server within seconds, but the considerable task to install all the requirements is still left for you.

This is where Launch comes in. It automatically installs and configures the dependencies to run Node.js apps: Node.js (of course!), NPM, PM2, git, nginx, node-gyp and dependencies required for bcrypt, and your chosen databases.

The provisioned server is ready for your application and you can also use Launch to connect a git repository from GitHub directly to a server.

What’s coming next to Launch?

The current focus for launch is to add the following benefits for you:

  • GitHub private repos
  • MongoDB
  • Postgres
  • Redis

At this point, we only support public GitHub repositories, but are heavily working on supporting private ones.

Additionally, we focus on adding the automated installation and configuration for Redis, MongoDB and PostgreSQL.

With the release of Node.js v8, you’ll see that version as a provisioning option as well.

Besides the listed benefits, there’s automated and cost-free SSL with Let’s Encrypt on our roadmap. Also, support for GitLab and Bitbucket and further infrastructure providers.

Well, you know there’s always a huge idea list on what to build next 😄

Let us know what you think

We appreciate your feedback and definitely read each of your messages. If you tried and use Launch, let us know what you think! Shoot us a message on Twitter or

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Make it rock & enjoy deploying!